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Alchimie Forever : Beauty Review


Alchimie Forever Beauty Review(Q-Switch Gel, $49 | Alexandrite, $55) Medically formulated, reassuringly natural, high tech botanicals.

Alchimie Forever was created in 1997 by a family, namely by Dr. Luigi Polla, a world-renowned dermatologist, was the first physician in Europe to offer laser technology. To this day all Alchimie Forever products remain 100% made in Switzerland. Alchimie Forever's mission is to create lifelong beauty and wellness through a philosophy of self-appreciation, self-nurturing, and self-renovation and an approach to skin care that blends the best of science with the best of nature. Self care through skin care.

I had the pleasure of reviewing two of their amazing products the Q-switch, and Alexandrite. Both of which are under a slimming/tightening category and the top selling and award winning for Alchimie Forever. Both products gave me an instant and tightening effect on my skin. My skin looked and felt firmer immediately. I'm a big fan of quick results so I was happy I didn't have to wait 4-6 weeks like most cellulite/firming creams claim.

I applied both the Alexandrite & Q-switch on my neck, chest, and arms, and thighs in the evening after I showered and loved how quickly it absorbed. No waiting to put on clothes, go go go! After using both products for a few weeks now I can say I'm a huge fan of Alchimie Forever. Their products deliver results like promised, go visit them