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(H&M Black/White Top & Blouse, $34.00 | Stella & Dot Femme Fatale Necklace, $118 | Snoozer Loser Folk Unicorn Scarf, $42 | Citizens of Humanity Jeans, $194 | Aldo Boots, $70 | Lisa Lin Bracelet, $22 | Stella & Dot Tribute Bracelet, $36 | Stella & Dot Hematite Bracelet, $59)

I recently found a new obsession. I came across the jewelry line Stella & Dot and now I can't stop checking out the gorgeous pieces. Just to give you guys a little information on the brand. It was founded by entrepreneur Jessica Herrin, who was inspired to start the company Stella & Dot while still at her first venture,, officially founded the Stella & Dot company in 2004. But like many businesses, it was years in the making. After years of holding trunk shows and real world testing, Jessica launched the company Stella & Dot in March of 2007, when she raised capital, recruited a world-class management team and began building a national sales force and brand. Check out the official website