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Celebrity Stylist Ricardo Rojas Launches Tango Brush Line


Ricardo Rojas, trusted stylist to Eva Longoria, Jessica Chastain, Donatella Versace among many others, has established his reputation as one of the world’s leading hairstylists by aligning virtuoso technique with a finely tuned understanding of his clients’ individuality, is launching his Tango Brush Line, as a tribute to his Argentinean roots.

Alyssa: What do you remember about growing up in Argentina Ricardo?

RJ: "I remember the vibrant colored streets of La Boca, which evokes a memory of passion and elegance. The brightly painted buildings, dancing couples and music filled streets. I sketched the movements of the tango dancers on this fine collection of hair accessories."

Alyssa: Do you remember any particular memory when you were younger?

RJ: “I can vividly remember my mother’s favorite moment each day; she would stroke her hair with an ornate brush and it would bring a smile to her face, it was luxurious, sophisticated and alluring very much like tango. I wanted to translate that into my collection. Each graceful stroke of the brush through the hair creates a transference of sensuality, femininity and seduction of dance."

(SRP of Brush and Mirror Set: $125.00 / Le Petit Monde readers receive the set for $95.00)

To purchase Ricardo Rojas brushes, visit here.